We're Ready for You Hudson!

We've been busy preparing for Hudson's big arrival.  Reese has been so excited to help and get everything ready.  She helped clean the exersaucer (and even likes to try it out while pretending she's the baby "goo goo ga ga"), helped me with the laundry, gave the baby swing, crib, and pack n' play, a few trial runs with her babies, and even helped daddy set up Hudson's crib....

As I write this I'm 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I've gained 23 pounds so far this pregnancy. I've been having contractions, but they haven't turned into anything real.  This has been a dirty trick!  I didn't know they were more common with second pregnancies.  I even went for a walk last week and had contractions 3-4 minutes apart for 45 minutes, but then they died off.  As ready as we are for you Hudson, I know you'll come in God's time.  I am trying to rest in the excitement and anticipation of not knowing when it could happen, that doesn't happen too many times in life and it really is such an amazing experience.  I want to remember and savor your little kicks, pushes, and nudges in my belly.  We love you already Hudson and we, including your sister, pray for you every night.  "And thanks for my brother, AMEN."

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