Hudson's Sprinkle

Here I am 35 weeks pregnant at Hudson's Sprinkle. 

Jenna wanted to throw me a little something for the little man, and it was such a nice get together.  I felt a little guilty having this sprinkle because many people have not heard of this new, amazing, little swaray...but I'm a big fan:)  Especially when your second baby is a different gender:)

We made onesies, which I'd been wanting to do at a shower since I threw Brittney one a couple of years ago...they turned out so adorable...

I think my favorite was Josie's....sweet action.  Who put's that on a onesie?  She cracks me up.  Julie and Kya were also able to make it into town for the event.  I can't believe Kya is turning 5...craziness.  It was so good to spend a little girl time with Julie.  It's few and far between these days.

And speaking of girl time, little Hudson is going to be surrounded!

Thanks for a great day Jenna!

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