Happy 85th Birthday (great) Grandma

Yesterday we had a chance to travel to Michigan and visit my grandparents.  We hadn't seen them in about a year and a half, so we were really glad to go, especially so they could see Reese and visa versa.  Reese loved all the babies great-grandma had at her house.  She snatched up all of the babies from the dollhouses and great-grandpa said she could have them.  On to the nursing home to celebrate great-grandma's 85th birthday.  I've never really been in a nursing home before, and didn't think about us being the life of the party, but that we were!  As we walked down the hallway all of the old ladies wanted to see Reese.  I wish I had my video camera, it really felt like we were on a parade:)  Quite humorous.  Grandma kept telling dad and I how cute Reese was.  She really enjoyed watching her play.
Reese was really sweet to grandma and grandpa.  She gave them plenty of hugs and was really concerned with making great grandma happy.  (She had overheard my dad on the phone with her on Christmas morning saying she was a little sad because she was at the nursing home, instead of home.)  Somehow she managed getting a new dollhouse out of the visit as well.  My grandma was a very detailed dollhouse maker in her day.  It is a very cool, ornate general store doll house.  Complete with 1,000 teeny tiny pieces.  Reese LOVES it, her mom and dad think we should put plexi glass on the front of it so it can be for show, rather than play!
I have to add in one more little story of the day....Jenna was coming back from the bathroom at the nursing home and had a lady tell her she was beautiful and ask her if she wanted to do the "hootchie cootchie." hahaha.  Like I said, we were the hit of the nursing home:)

I was really glad to make the visit though.  It warmed my heart to see Reese with grandma and grandpa.

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