Merry Christmas

What a fun Christmas we had this year.  Reese is at at that perfect age where everything is exciting and it made Christmas such a blessing.  Hudson is of course another reason to feel blessed this Christmas.  30 weeks...
Sporting her new backpack and outfit made by grandma.  I swear it makes her looks so old!

One of Reese's favorite gifts was a handmade Nativity set from her godmother Ashlee.  She's been so enthralled with the whole nativity this Christmas season.  I think it helps that Jesus is a baby, since she loves babies so much...but it is the cutest thing.  She had a fight with me when we made the nativity out of playdoh a few weeks back when I told her that Jesus didn't really have a crib, because he was born in a stable/barn.  She insisted that He had a blankie and a bed.  Here she is proving me wrong...

Santa brought a baby carrier for her bitty baby.  "It's just what I wanted," was her reply when she opened it.  Santa is so smart!

and the sleeping bag from grandma and grandpa.  She begged me to sleep in it tonight because we read a Bernstain Bear book about camping.  I told her she could when she goes to camp someday;)

Aunt Heather got her some polly pockets for Christmas...big hit!

Despite a few chucking of clothes when she was opening presents (apparently clothes are not a very exciting gift), she shared her toys very nicely with Kamryn.

and she was sure to show pop how to use her new iXL.  "This one is really tricky for you," she told him while explaining how it worked.

~Merry Christmas 2011~

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