western michigan visits

we had such a nice time in holland/gr!  mom, reese, and i stayed the weekend in holland because we were in the area for denise and brandon's baby shower and who wouldn't want to stay in holland?! plus, we got to see julie, kya, and mark!  we ate lunch downtown at one of my fav's, good earth and then went in a few of the shops...here's reese...it was cold...no big surprise...

 then we met up with kya and julie and went swimming in the hotel pool...big hit!  the girls had such a blast and it was really fun to see them interact.  reese was all about kya's toys, especially the "people" as she calls them...aka tinkerbell fairies.  kya was very kind to share all of her fun stuff! that girl cracks me up.  she just says the funniest, cutest things...no one is surprised that i can't think of exactly what she said right now...i know, a meredith story...it was really good to catch up with julie too.  it never fails.  we can go forever without seeing each other and we just pick up where we left off like we'd just seen each other yesterday.  such a good friend that one.
the next morning reese fed grandma breakfast, peas i believe it was...
then we went back to hang with julie, kya, and mark for a bit.  kya was sad that reese had to take a nap, but she kept us entertained with beauty and the beast. she kept us posted on what was coming next.
 then it was off to the baby shower.  here's the cute little mommy-to-be.  i just am so excited for denise and brandon.  you could just tell they're so excited and ready.  apparently the babies name is bj (brandon junior) for now because they're keeping the name a secret:)  what a nice weekend spent with dear friends.

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