"get outta here scaries!"

reese had a little rough patch last week.  she had watched part of home alone 2 at kristin's house and apparently got completly freaked out by one of the robbers with green paint on his face. (kristin felt soooooo bad.  she's so sweet. it seriously could've been anything, she's just started being scared of things lately) for a few days after that she kept saying, "scary, krisin, movie." i felt so bad for her...she just look petrified when she said it.  she'd wake up in the middle of the night, wake up from her naps, say bye-bye and act like she wanted to leave our house (actually she kept saying she wanted to go to church, she must know Jesus makes everything better), act scared of the tv in general, only wanted me, had a really rough two days at kristin's.  adam and i just kept trying to tell her that the scary stuff was all gone.  we're not watching that movie any more.  there's no more scary stuff. nothing seemed to help..poor girl. nothing until her genius dad got out the magic flashlight.  it gets scaries out if you didnt' know.  he turned it on, walked around the house and said, "get outta here scaries!"  then he gave it to reese and she shook it back and forth saying the same.  it was the cutest thing ever.  i asked her if they were all gone and she said, "yep."  it actually seemed to help!  that night she didn't wake up as scared.  the next day we had a snow day so reese and i got to hang out together all day.  i think it was some much needed mommy time.  we painted with paint brushes....my dream come true:)
and every time she got paint on her finger she had to wipe it off with a kleenex...fine by me!  i'm just glad my little lady isn't as scared anymore.  she's still been a little clingy and comes running to me for a hug when i get to kristin's (rather than running away from me like she used to).  she'll still say scary about once a day, but i just reassure her that they're all gone, to which she usually replies, "oh, yeah," in her sweet little high voice.  hopefully this is just a phase that continues to go away!

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  1. High-five daddy. I'm hoping her next new obsession is flashlights.