i love heat bond

jenna and chris were here for the weekend.  jenna wanted to make a wipes clutch and onesies for her friend that is having a baby.  she's the first one of her friends, so she's the lucky one to get a bunch of gifts:)  here's the wipes clutch...
 and the onesies...my sister is so stinkin cute and creative.  she put little buttons and trim on it, stitched around them all. they turned out sooo cute..these pics don't do a justice!

 so then i decided i should probably make one for my friend amy who just had a baby girl, brooklyn.  my sis found this cute blog (tweedinthevillage) that had onesies like this, with the letter cut out in the middle, rather than layered on top.  (ps it's her friend's store in nashville...soo cute!)  i even stitched around this one on the machine for the first time..not too shabby if i do say so myself.
then i made reese a shirt for valentine's day.  i did it the same way, by cutting out a heart and having a different fabric peek through.
 and finally reese's bday outfit for her minnie party.  i didn't really want minnie on it, but the black and red colors instead.  so, my amazing mother made this adorable skirt and i made the shirt...okay she stitched around it with the thick, fancy stitch..so basically she made the whole thing:)  the amazing things bond it can do.  i could've made ten more!
i love that my fam likes to make things.  it's something fun that we can share together.

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  1. so cute, love the owl with the buttons (although I always get nervous with buttons on kids shirts) How did you get it to seal to there, iron on adhesive? Then you stitched around? Thumbs up, looks adorable!