winter jam

an amazing night.  winter jam is not usually my ultimate favorite Christian concert, but this year it rocked!  all of the bands were great. francesca banestelli is my new fav.  newsboys were amazing with their new lead (the old guy from dc talk). even a little ghetto Christian rappers...gotta love it!  it was just so refreshing.  sometimes at concerts, to be honest, i feel self concious to get too into it, but for some reason i wasn't at all last night. Jesus knew i just needed a little pick me up.  i get so stuck in the busyness of life and the monoteny of it all.  earlier in the day i was venting to adam how my days are literally planned to the minute all day every day.  but last night, i remembered that each minute counts.  tony nolan gave a message/testimony about how his childhood was terrible...abused, sold for $200 to an adoptive family, new father that told him he wasn't worth the $200..i can't even imagine.  it just made me think about some of the kids i come in contact with. they can be so exhausting at times, but it reminded me that just one little moment could effect their eternity.  someone touched tony and it changed his life. he came from nothing, people told him and assumed he'd never be anyone or go anywhere, and now he is an AMAZING messenger of God.  that could be someone i come in contact with everyday.  it may be exhausting, but it's worth every moment.  we should never write someone off because of where they come from.

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