Boy Baby Shower Projects

My friends, Denise and Brandon, are having a baby boy in March.  It's my first friend with a boy!  I am so completely thrilled for them.  They will make such wonderful, Christian parents.  So, I decided that I had to make something for this little one.  I've had my eye on these tie onesies on different blogs for quite a while now, but no boy to make it for.  This was my chance.  It's the easiest thing ever to make.  Just cut out a pattern, cut a piece of fabric a little larger than the pattern, iron on the bond it stuff to the back, cut out the tie, and iron it on to the front of the onesie.  I was going to actually stitch around this one, but forgot I didn't have the right bond it (you have to get the lighter weight kind if you're going to stitch with it).  It still turned out cute though. 

I forget how little that 0-3 month size is...so tiny.
And of course I had to make Denise a wipe clutch. 
I can't wait to meet their little bundle!

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  1. cute project, I'll have to send you pictures of this removable tie I made, it is also reversible. You cut old diem and use that in between two pieces of fabric cut out in the tie shape... then you stitch around it to be cute and then use elastic around the neck and cute little velcro to fasten with matching fabric stitched on... sounds complicated, but sooo cute, great gift!