Happy New Year

On New Year's Eve we went over to the Bigelow's house (I know we're all surprised by this).  Reese and Audrey are just so hysterical to watch these days.  If they're not hiding and saying, "boo," to each other or running back and forth and screaming, you might find them interacting or even assisting each other.  Here Reese was having trouble getting her sock on (which she can actually do all by herself now after much determined practice the last few days).  Audrey came over and said, "Reesey, help, Reesey, help."  What a good friend to help out in a time of need.  You might also notice the dress up heels which they were both trapsing (or attempting to) around in.

Our friend Carrie and her husband came over also. She teaches kindergarten in my corporation and her husband teaches in Dekalb.  Char and Ashley's brother also joined us for the evening.  She's such a sweetie.  Just a laid back night really...cards, a game, some Wii playing (which I will say that I made the best Wii fit score for the ski jumping event, just try to beat it Andrew).

Later in the week my friend Jessica, who I used to teach and carpool with, came over with her daughter Kya.  She was such a crackup, dancing all over the place and jabbering up a storm.  Reese was so cute with her.  I've not seen Reese around younger kids too often and she was really sweet with Kya, kind of treating her like a little baby and being very gentle.  She did of course let her bossy side shine through a bit and insisted Kya sit in the hamper with her (one of her new favorite things to do).  It was really good to see Jess.  She likes to craft too so we talked a lot about projects we've been working on.  We decided we MUST hang out more!
Ashlee also paid a visit before going back to school.  That girl loves Reese!  Reese also demanded that Ashlee sit in the hamper with her.  What a nice godmommy she is.

Overall, a wonderful start to the New Year with good friends!

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