Woof woof

Well doggies seem to be the hit around here lately.  First, we had a daughter crawling under tables, panting, and barking like a dog.  Then I broke down and bought her a Barbie that came with four dogs.  I mean, I couldn't resist, the girl loves dogs.  There are dogs everywhere she goes: Rudy, Cooper, of course there's Steve (who I must say is her favorite and she repeats over and over again even when he's not visiting), there's Clark at Kristin's house, grammie's three dogs, the neighbor dogs, and various other places...she can spot a dog from a mile away!  Next, grandma and Jenna bought Reese three dogs from American Girl this weekend.  Needless to say they were  a hit!  She wants to play with them everyday when we get home.  Yesterday she took them for a walk with their leashes.  I threw one of Cooper's toys and she ran a dog over to fetch it.  Today was the best though....we got home and I went into the pantry to get food out for dinner.  This is what followed...
 I heard a sprinkling noise and walked into this..here doggy are you hungry?
or maybe you'd rather eat it off a plate...
From here she decided to feed Cooper some food also, what a nice owner she is.  She even sampled some of the dog food for herself and decided it was not very delicious.  Woof Woof!

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