fort 4 fit

yesterday i ran in the fort 4 fitness 4 mile race with ashley.  i love a race. i just love the hype of it all, the music, the countdown, the feeling you get when you cross the finish line...so great.  would've been even greater if i would've ran the mini marathon!  considering i did not train one little bit for the 4 mile, hadn't even ran a mile in over a month!  it actually felt really good though, i was surprised and expected to die at the finish line.  i will say it gave me the fever for sure.  i have GOT to find time to run more.  i just love it, it destresses me, i love the monotony of it (i know i'm lame and like repetative things), sweating, etc etc.  i don't want to jinks myself or anything, but i did run again today...maybe, just maybe, i can keep this up.  i mean, it really shouldn't be that hard to find a half to one hour per day to workout!  i'm on a mission now.

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  1. if you would ever move to auburn....we could run together!