sounds and sights at 19 months

Sounds you might hear from my 19 month old's mouth...
"Noooo" (when she's reading the book No David!, but mostly at other undesirable times)
"Me" (meaning that's mine, not yours)
"Boo" (when she tries to hide and then scare you)
"oh no, you never let go" (on her own variation of course when she tries to sing this Christian hit)
"poop" (no explanation needed)

Sights you'll see...
Running away from me buck naked before she gets in the bath, then laughing hysterically
Dancing in circles, while trying to jump, and doing the moon walk (her dad taught her that one)
Hitting of various people or objects, including her own head until reminded to be nice, then she'll start petting you
Rocking on Pi2 ( her rocking horse)
Climbing up on kitchen chairs or underneath them to hide

and the adventures continue:)

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