miss independent

right now reese is sitting in the corner playing with her little people play house.  its weird for me to just sit and watch her play because until now she always needed me to interact with her to keep her occupied and happy (for the most part anyway).  now she can really maintain her play because she's begun to pretend so much more.  she's flushing the toilet in the house and saying potty, all done.  then she sets up the table with the people all around and makes eating noises.  then she puts them in the bed and says, "night night."  what an independent little girl i have these days.  i almost feel like i don't know what to do with myself, and the crazy side of me feels guilty not interacting with her every moment i'm with her.  but i do know it's good for her to have some time to herself, so i'll just keep telling myself that:)  she's just getting so big.

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  1. I know what you mean, it's hard to feel like "letting them play" isn't the mother just being lazy and busy doing other things... but it is SOOO good for her to learn to play on her own. My girls naturally have played with eachother, but you have a real lucky situation that she is needing you less and plays well by herself. I have a friend that doesn't let her child play by himself and it really takes a toll on both of them, the boy doesn't know how to entertain himself and my friend is tired of always playing with him and resents it... so... Enjoy that she does it and you let her do it! You're such a great mom!