fall is in full swing here at the gaines' household. we were able to celebrate on friday by going to a pumpkin patch in kendallville with the girls.  mostly we just wanted pictures by some pumpkins and we were about as successful as you can get with a couple of 1 1/2 year olds:)...

we were also able to go on a "hay" ride and we got the whole thing to ourselves!  reese was mesmorized by the tractor.  adam was please by this to say the least.  a girl after his own heart:)

 last we went through the corn maze, which proved to be a little tricky until we figured out the little clues that someone had left on the correct trail with corn kernels.  thank goodness for that!  reese thought it quite hilarious to run in between the stalks and then jump out and say, "BOO!"  i guess she's ready for the haunted maze.

but perhaps the highlight of the whole evening was when we saw reese's friend carter.  she was quite surprised to see him there and not at kristin's house.  the whole ride home she kept saying, "audrey, carter, audrey carter."  obviously her best friends:)

a fun time was had by all.  i just like doing these sorts of things as a little family.  making memories.

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