funny and fun

first the funny...
at school today during writing workshop a little boy wrote this story...here is how it went:
boy: "i wrote a story about you and reese"
me: "oh really, neat, can you read it to me"
boy:"one day mrs. gaines wouldn't help reese on the monkey bars."
me: "oh no, i wouldn't help her, that's sad.  i think i'd help her."
boy: (whispers) "it's just for pretend.  (next page) then my sister had to get reese a bandaid because she was bleeding.  (next page) then mrs. gaines helped me on the monkey bars."
me: "i helped you but not reese?"
boy: "yep"

now for the fun...
when i got home from work i got some playdoh out for reese to play with for the first time.  i had made some for my class last night and was curious what she'd do with it.  it was a hit!  first she tried to eat it but realized quickly it did not taste so good.  then, she had fun squeezing it and poking holes in it, and of course taking it in and out of the bag.  i love this age!

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