Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was fun filled this year.  Jenna and Chris came for the weekend and we went to check out the park in Leo that I've been wanting to visit.  Loved it!  It reminded me a lot of the one in Brighton where we used to play growing up.  Reese loved swinging and insisted that we all swing next to her.  We had the whole fam swinging in line per Reese's conducting!  She was not too happy when we had to leave to go home.

We also went to the Bigelow's house one evening.  The girls worked on some puzzles together.  The Bennet's also came over.  Carrie teaches kindergarten at East Noble as well and Jarod is randomly friends with Andrew from high school.  Worked out perfect:)
The boat was Monday's event.  It was a little chilly, but very relaxing...as you can tell from the photo..
The most hilarious part was when Reese was bossing Steve around like he was her baby.  She wanted him to lay down on the floor with her on her towel.  I think she likes being in charge..lol.

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