what a week!

well, i can say we made it through a successful first week (okay two days) of school.  my class is actually doing really well and we've had no major issues (knock on wood)!  it's been amazing having my student teacher jamie...she is a God send for sure!  when i'm at school i love being with those little guys so much, they make me laugh, smirk,  and i love to see them making friends and being kind to one another.  i feel like i'm in my element when i'm there.  the hard part comes at the beginning and end of the day when i have to say goodbye to reese, or goodnight after i've only seen her for what seems like an hour before the bedtime routine starts.  i'm just bad with change and i know i'll get used to it after a few weeks. 
it's nice to end my day with a little, babbling 1 1/2 year old.  it seems like we hold actual conversations these days.  here are the words i know she for sure says...baby, dog, duck, quack, moo, bye, hi, uh oh, steve, mama, grandma, daddy(sometimes), more, up, help, thank you(if prompted), please(if prompted)..i'm sure there are more. 
some other new talents:
playing pretend with her tea set
dressing her babies
walking up a step without hesitating!
LOVES real babies
obsessed with trying to clip stroller and high chair clips
unscrews and screws back on water bottle caps
looking at herself in the mirror
letting the dogs outside
throwing trash away in the trash can
i just don't want to miss anything new...i'll have to ask kristin to make sure i'm not missing anything else that is to come:)

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