reese update

just a few things i don't want to forget about reese at this age...
8 teeth.  loves containers and lids. loves puzzles and can do them by herself!  it's so crazy and amazing to me. she can match the pictures and usually fit them in the correct spot.  sorts things (for example, this morning she was playing with her aunt jenna's bottles of paint while i was getting ready and she separated all of the white bottles from the colored ones while i wasn't watching..it blew me away!).  i wonder if she will be spatially smart like her daddy.  words she can say: dog, grandma (pronounced "hmmma"), help, hi, up, uh oh, mama (which she says for both adam and i...not sure when she stopped saying dada because she did say it at one time...lol), bow (pronounced "go"), car, we're working on bird and squirrel because we always see them out of grandma's window, moo (pronounced "mmmm")...i think that's all of them.  she's very independent.  does not like getting help or getting things taken away (when she is told no she hits the air, screams, and then hits herself in the head...which is quite hard to keep a straight face for! lol).  loves taking caps on and off of water bottles.  is getting better and better at her shape sorter.  knows where her tummy  and nose are consistently.  gets eyes, ears, and mouth half of the time.  refuses to eat vegetables these days.  LOVES macaroni and cheese ( i have to get this on video soon).  loves dancing.  liked her gymnastics class, but could not be talked into doing the activities that weren't her favorite.  kisses and hugs baby dolls.  just got rid of her morning nap.  just switched bedtime from 7 to 8 and wake up time from 6:30 to 8:)  loves the bath (refuses to get out most nights and lays down on the bath mat).  loves the pool and will run off the side and jump into our arms.
you're getting so big.  love you.

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