shipshewanna, boating, minivans, and babies

this week ashley, audrey, reese, and i went to shipshewanna.  we went to some yard sales.  i was hoping to find a crummy dresser to revamp for our new master bedroom..no luck...i'm on a mission to find one now.  we did enjoy the little shops in town, browsed the amazing fabric they have there, and ate lunch at a cute little cafe in the mercanitle building.  the girls were wiped on the way home...

we finally put the boat in the water this weekend!  can't believe it's the middle of july and we're just putting it in, but we were glad to get out on the water.  there's just something so relaxing and refreshing about being on the lake.  reese did really well too.  she seemed to get used to the life jacket pretty quickly, just had a little trouble drinking her, oh so loved, water bottle:)  she even went for a swim.  she was a little nervous about it i think because she's so used to touching in the pool.  her favorite was sitting on the back platform and kicking her legs in the water.  she was also really intrigued by the waves and all of the boats, pointing at each passing one, waving, and saying hi...what a courteous boater she is already:)
reese's newest love are her babies.  it's so cute. she seems to be starting to play pretend more lately and i love it!  yesterday i got a diaper out for her baby and we put it on.  she wouldn't let me take it off,  but when it did finally come off today she checked it to see if it had "anything" in it.  she also loves walking her baby in the stroller and giving it the pacifier.  she has two babies and two strollers since we're at mom and dad's now.  so today she insisted on playing with them both.

and last but not least...ashley's long awaited and dreamed about, new minivan. i have to admit it is pretty nice, very spacious, and luxurious...soccer mom here she comes:)

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