auburn here we come!

we bought a house!  in auburn...on 4.7 acres! adam and i are so excited to say the least.  here's how it all went down.  went to look at it. LOVED the property (pond, huge yard, next to a sub for runs, a playground, and trick-or-treating of course), liked the layout of the house, little trouble envisioning how to de-grandmotheritize the decor.  we weren't sure if we could build exactly what we wanted for the same price.  offer went in on the house. we get nervous and have to decide if we want to make an offer. we meet with an amish builder that night (who is so lovely by the way...i can see why the simplicity of amish life is appealing:)) he works up a price....WAY over our budget. next day we make an offer. a few days later...our offer is accepted! and poof we aren't going to be homeless anymore! we close july 28th and can start moving in august 6th.  however, the grandmotherness i mentioned earlier has to be helped before move in. so here's the plan...paint moldings and doors white.  paint walls. get new carpet in the great room and hallway (maybe the bedrooms too).  change light fixtures and faucets (thanks to my lovely husband who has the lowe's/masco hookup), tile the bathrooms and entryway.  so it will most likely be september when we move in.  but we feel very blessed to be able to be at mom and dad's and have the time to do everything we'd like to before we move all of our "stuff" in.  so now my mind is spinning with decorating and dreaming ideas.  i can't wait to go swimming and ice skating with reese and our other kid(s) in the future.  can't wait to build a fire pit and roast marshmallows. can't wait for adam to build a clubhouse for the kids to play in.  can't wait to have an art/craft/play area in the basement to invent with our kids.  can't wait to look out my window at nature rather than neighbors. can't wait for the unknown, priceless memories....what a blessing this house will be.

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