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it's been the summer of sewing, crafting, and designing.  it's really been addicting lately.  last week ashley and i finally made the cutest ever dresses for the girls.  i found the tutorial online and knew we had to give it a whirl.  i'm no seamstress.  i usually leave the sewing to mom, but i really wanted to make something for reese all by myself:)  the boys hung out and watched the office and we (ashley, her friend becca, and i) got to sewing.  after much guidance from becca we did it!  she's a great teacher, told us what to do and how to do it, but wanted us to learn it for ourselves and do it all alone.  here we are with our finished products.  becca says we're the same sort of crafter/seamstresses.  we needed specific instruction, can't visualize anything, and exact. lol
"i love my new dress mommy!"

here's another project i whipped up the other day, a little felt clip i found on the purlbee blog.  i think it's one of my favorite clips...better for fall though...
and the other night i got it in my mind that i wanted to refashion one of reese's old, too small for her belly tshirts into a dress.  mom helped with this one.  i can say i did all of the sewing, but i don't think i could recreate it if i tried it alone. 
and here is my amazing, artsy sister making an acrylic canvas painting for her condo while we sewed.  she's the actual artsy one of the group!
i just love seeing a finished product.  i think that is where the obsessiveness with all of it comes in.  more to come soon hopefully!  i love summer.

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  1. love the dresses! i refashioned tons of the girls old tshirts into dresses too because it is so easy once you get the hang of it! Turned out very cute!