summer is here!

it's been a busy last couple of weeks.  last weekend we went to family work weekend at camp. to be completely honest i was a little nervous for the weekend because i felt awkward last year.  reese was tiny, i was still a new, nervous mom, and i felt trapped between feeling guilty for not doing work projects, and sort of helping with kids, but not really because i kept leaving to nurse reese.  it was of course still a joy to be there as a family for the first time, but just new and different...this time was so much different!  i really felt like we could get into the swing of things and experience camp in all it's beauty.  the same comfort came back as i had when i was on staff, feeling surrounded by God's love and all of his amazing, likeminded servants.  we had fun hanging out with the brown family.  we worked on cleaning out treetop village together and the girls LOVED playing with reese!

it was so much fun seeing her actually able to interact and play with everyone.  perhaps the highlight for her was all the boys...should we be worried that she wanted to kiss them all?

she's just a friendly girl i suppose:) daddy will have to keep his eye on this one.
she also formed a special bond with joey.  those jank kids are just so good with other kiddos.  joey just had this quiet sweetness with her and she calmed and melted when he was near.  too cute.

but here is her first love...daddy! adam was a co-leader of work weekend this year and it went wonderfully!  so much was accomplished. including...
the official first ride on a four wheeler.

then it was back home to the last week of work for me.  and now it's officially summer in my books! wuhoo. i am SO excited to spend a few months with reese and play and swim and dance and take walks and have a blast.  with a little bit of packing and moving squeezed in there as well.  it's weird seeing the house become emptier and emptier...more on that later...

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