happy 6th anniversary to us

adam and i celebrated our sixth anniversary on saturday.  we've already made so many wonderful memories together and accomplished so much in just a six year span...bought a house, sold a house, adam joined the board of directors at camp and is FULLY involved these days, started a new church, God blessed us with beautiful reese, wonderful jobs, and the list goes on...
to celebrate this year adam some how weasled his way out of watching our wedding videos, which in the past i've made him watch each year. i think we're going on two years now that we haven't watched them...i'll have to work on that:)  instead, we went to the movies! i know i'm a really big nerd, but i was so excited. we hadn't been to the movies since before reese was born. went to see "date night" in auburn and laughed our heads off and enjoyed a nice dinner at the italian grille in auburn too.  maybe you could say we were giving auburn a trial run. we're leaning more towards building there these days...time will tell:)

while we enjoyed a "date night", reese enjoyed her time at grandma's with jenna and chris' new dog, steve.  he's so stinkin cute and reese thought he was her baby i'm pretty sure...

and on sunday, adam's all time dream came true.  reese rode on the tractor with him. loved it. i must say, seeing her be a daddy's girl makes my heart smile:)


  1. umm fyi: i found another store IN TOWN that you are gonna love. it's a paper store. super cute stationary and monogrammed things.

    auburn just keeps getting better and better, don'tcha think?!?! :)


  2. happy Anniversary! i thought about you yesterday, but forgot to call!~ Love you both!