Jenna's Shower in Chi-town

Jenna's wedding shower in Chicago was such a neat weekend.  It never ceases to amaze me the contrast between farm country in Fort Wayne and the hustle and bustle of the city.  It's such a different world and I LOVE visiting!  Mom, Reese, and I went for the shower that I threw for Jenna, well really, let's not lie to ourselves here, it was really my mom's shower.  She just has that way of taking charge and making all of the details go wonderfully!
We started the weekend at the park that is literally five steps out of Jenna and Chris' condo.  So convenient!  I was shocked to find Reese loving the swings this time. I believe there was even some kicking and screaming when it was time to get out.

Saturday was the shower.  Here's the happy couple opening their gifts.  Jenna's thinking,  "I hope I didn't break too many bows!" 
We had the shower at this cute little restaurant right on the river.  Reese did amazingly as long as she had her magnets.  She's obsessed with these animal magnets lately and spends hours (okay, so it's not hours..but long for a 1 year old) putting them into containers and taking them out again)  Cracks me up.  Jenna and Chris got some really nice things and it was fun to see many of Jenna's friends all in one place.  Can't wait for the wedding!  I hope I'll be able to make it through though.  I could barely handle giving a simple prayer before lunch.  Who knows how I'll get through an entire speech!  I am just so happy for my sis.

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