Goodbye Ballycastle Place

The past two weeks were spent packing.  Packing up furniture, clothes (way too many of them I might add), the lady lamp that we rediscovered, and baby food jars that Reese enjoyed helping with.  The girl stacked and unstacked lids for more than a half hour straight!  She also found a new love for bin lids.  Taking things in and out and putting lids on is a favorite of hers now.  What a good little helper.  

The most important thing that's packed away are memories.  It's really been bitter sweet for me.  I feel ready to move onto a new chapter in our lives, but at the same time it's hard to say goodbye to six years of a journey that Adam and I began together here.  We are officially moved in at my parents' house now and we're very thankful to have a place to go.  Prayers that God is preparing the perfect new home for our family.  Can't wait to make new memories there!

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