the run and fun

this week we enjoyed a day with ashley and audrey. ashley showed us around auburn (we're hoping to be locals there soon so we needed to know the ropes) and took us to some really cute shops.  then it was back to her house for lunch.  we attempted to eat lunch outside with the girls on the picnic table. it went well for awhile...

but then reese was not too interested in sitting down, or eating for that matter.  she was very polite though and gave all of her food to audrey.  next, we made our own laundry soap.  ashley had to talk me into this one, but it was kind of fun once we got going.   i felt so environmental.  i'm interested to see if it works well!

today was the big race at camp lutherhaven.  ok, so it wasn't a BIG race, just a 5k, but very fun none the less.  our friend janet organized the whole thing as a fundraiser for camp and we were so excited to see it be such a success.  133 people when all was said and done.  i told adam i had never run such a short race before..lol.  he beat me of course. adam 30 minutes. meredith 35 minutes.  the worst part though was the finish for ashley and i.  we ran the entire thing together and crossed the finish at the same time...however....she stuck her head out and beat me.  i didn't think it was that big of a deal until i found out she won for our age group.  that little sneak!  next year it's on...here's a picture of us before she stole my glory...

this afternoon we had fun playing on mom and dad's back deck.  we've settled in quite nicely here and today we got out reese's water table the minards got her for her birthday.  it was a huge hit! i've been eagerly awaiting the unveiling of this toy for months now.  mostly she just loves taking the cap on and off of the water bottle that she dips in it (and then drinks..i know i'm such a bad mother for letting her drink that dirty water:))  i can foresee hours of summer time fun with this toy!


  1. sorry about that ending....i had no idea there were prizes involved, i was just trying to have a good finish like my husband, the track coach, taught me to do.

    thanks for running with me - i don't know that i could have run it so quickly without you! :)

  2. friend, I let my kids drink the dirty water in their water table too! Thats not being a bad mother, it's being a relaxed mom, which is nice every once in a while! I wince everytime they do it, but hey, a little dirt never hurt anyone!