surprise...adam is 30!

and a surprise it was!  adam turns 30 this friday and he's been planning his own surprise party for months...or so he thought:)  i just kept playing it off like he was crazy and it actually worked for once.  mad anthony's friday night. 20 or so friends. pseudo dinner plans with the bigelows. and a husband that was none the wiser.  you should've seen his face when everyone jumped out and said surprise...priceless.  i was so happy to finally plan something special for my hubby.  he's the best daddy and husband God could've ever blessed me with and he deserved a fun night! 
we continued the party at fast track for some hard core go-karting.  those things go seriously fast and yes, adam took the prize for the fastest speed of the month...another priceless face and the perfect end to the perfect evening.

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  1. kudos adam for the fast time!!! sorry we were party poopers and missed out! but we feel so honored to be the decoy and to get to be in on the surprise for both of you!

    we are so blessed to have you as friends! :)