my 28th..really 28 already?

i turned 28 today.  when people ask me how old i am i almost always say 22, but then have to think in my head for a couple seconds and keep adding a few years until i figure out how old i really am.  if i'm already having trouble now, i can only imagine what it will be like 15 years from now!  went to biaggi's (best italian restaurant in my opinion) for dinner with the fam and even had surprise guests...the besties!  adam always has a way of surprising me...he's so good at it.  it was fun to celebrate with ashley, audrey, and my family.  it seems like just yesterday when we went there for my 27th birthday and reese was just a teeny tiny thing.  not this time. there was talking, throwing, shaking of the head (but mostly by audrey:)), kissing, and let's not forget about the spoon banging.  what could make for a better birthday!

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