goodbye house

we sold our house a week or so ago. it was quite a whirlwind!  we were at keelin's wedding in indianapolis and the second adam came out of the wedding he said, "we have an offer," but we didn't know any details.  i continued on to the reception with the wedding party and when we were lining up to be announced adam tried doing sign language to me from across the room (which was very incomprehensible:)), but then came over and told me we were homeless!  i was delighted to have sold the house so quickly and before the incentives that ended at the end of april, but to be honest, a little part of me was a tiny bit sad.  we've been in this house six years and have so many memories here...i still remember that first summer together when i was searching for a job and VERY frustrated.  i threatened to work at burger king and he, in only the way my husband can said, "sweet, i'll get free whoppers!"  he always knows how to make me laugh.  i remember being so lonely when adam traveled out of town that summer because we were new in a city where it seemed everyone grew up together and knew each other and always complaining about being friendless.  our dog started freaking out when someone came to the door because it happened so infrequently...not the case these days.    i remember jenna and i trying to start a bonfire in our new backyard by ourselves in the fire pit.  rain didn't help the situation any, so we roasted marshmallows over the stove:)  and of course to just a year ago when we brought our sweet reese home.  i won't forget those first steps in this house with her.  countless hours snuggling in the loft, chasing her around the loop through our dining room, the day she noticed she had hands in her bouncer in the kitchen, "playing" with audrey in the family room while the mommies did a craft project, chasing bubbles in the front yard, and the list could go on and on....sweet memories, but ready to start a new chapter.  a new house, new memories to make, but the old ones will remain.

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