ring around the rosie

one of reese's favorite games to play is ring-around-the-rosie!  a couple of weeks ago i started singing the song (thinking i was going to teach it to her) and she started dancing...
either she's a genius baby or kristin, her babysitter, taught it to her:)  she's so wonderful.  i've always said, if i could've hand picked anyone to watch reese, out of a million applicants, kristin would've won.  totally a schedule person like me, which made it nice when she didn't think i was psycho for being so exact about directions when she started there at six months old.  she also does sweet little things at holidays and birthdays and somehow keeps an immaculately clean house..she's super woman in my mind!
reese has gotten even better at ring-around-the-rosie lately and knows how to fall down at the right time now.  she also says dog and grandma (well kinda, if you consider gaga "grandma" and goggy "doggy")


  1. not sure how to make the video go the right way...sorry folks:)