Hudson Turns 9 Months

We really think you'll be walking by Christmas, Hudson!  You are standing for a few seconds at a time without holding onto anything and you also like to kneel.  You waved for the first time this month and we've started giving you a little bit of table food.  You're a little unsure about a lot of it, but puffs and yogurt melts are your favorite.  I think you are going to be a tricky one to get to eat when you get bigger, you just want to get down and play!  Your sister is so sweet to you and you get so excited when we go in her room in the mornings.  You bounce up and down in my arms and squawk.  You are still our tiny little peanut, fifth percentile for weight and less than fifth percentile for height.  You've gotten a little more clingy this month and are a little shy around strangers.  You are still our little happy boy though!

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