Happy Birthday Nora

Nora would've turned one on December 12th, 2012.  We all decided to send her balloons in Heaven to wish her a happy birthday.  Reese was very sweet and so concerned that Nora wouldn't be getting any presents.  I told her that being with Jesus in Heaven was better than any present.  Later that day I was wrapping Christmas presents and she wanted to wrap something.  She said, "Mom, I don't really need to changing pads.  I'm going to wrap one up and give it to Nora for her birthday."  I reminded her that we wouldn't really be able to give it to her in Heaven.  To which she replied, "I know, mom.  I'm just going to have Hudson open it and then we can yell, 'Happy Birthday Nora,' and she will hear us in Heaven.  I hope you know how much you're missed Nora, but we are so glad you are celebrating with Jesus.

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