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We've just been livin' it up over here at the Gaines' house lately.  I will say that a little bit of sassiness has settled in as of resently, but I think it just goes right along with the transitions of a new family.  I am so thankful that Reese is always so loving with Hudson though, she is so gentle, sweet, caring, and helpful.  Now if I could just get her to not have 30 minute meltdowns over cleaning up play-doh, we'd be all set:)

I've been trying to at least do one fun activity a day with Reese.  To make her feel special, to break up our day, to get us away from the TV and Ipad, and for some great learning experiences!  The last day of the warm spell we cleaned up the water table and played on the deck.  It's just so relaxing out there, and a great way to spend an hour and a half one morning...

A few days ago I got out the Easter eggs and made up a little game to play.  It was a hit!  Reese chose a letter to put in each egg, we wrote it down on paper, then I hid the eggs.  She found them and matched them up with the paper.  A very fun way to get a little letter practice in and do something fun for my little Reesey.

Here was Hudson's fun at the lake house last weekend.  We had a bit of a fussy weekend, and I got really nervous about pumping and bottle feeding,  then he only slept hour and a half chunks at a time, but Hudson was loving on his grandma and not affected in the least...
And perhaps the highlight of fun for the past week was DISNEY ON ICE!  We surprised Reese and took her to the show.  A big hit.  This face says it all...

Ariel was her favorite and Hudson was a champ and slept the whole time.  Our first family of four outing!

Oh, and how could I forget Reese's fun she created for herself the other night.  She wanted us to tie her up, so we did:)

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