Happy Halloween

What a blast Halloween was this year.  We found a cute little pumpkin farm in Leo to pick out some pumpkins.  Reese had to make sure we got a tiny one, it was her "favorite."
And who could resist these winged beauties.  Trunk or Treat at church started out well until it down poured!  Reese didn't seem to mind though, she was satisfied following Briley around.  It just cracks me up how she acts like a mother hen to Briley.  What a good big sis she will be soon.  Reese was also in awe when she was able to go watch Tricia Brock sing her warm up songs at church.  We can't wait to take you to your first official concert Reese!  She will now allow me to listen to Tricia in the car as well, although Jenny and Tyler are still a favorite of course.

 Let's not forget about the carving.  I tried to get Reese to dig into the guts this year, but she was more content with the spoon.  It was too "slimey" for her:)
 Coloring was a preferred form of decorating for this little lady.

And here she his on the long awaited day, Tinkerbell!  Grandma made the amazing tutu and I chipped in to make the fairy dust pouch, shirt, and shoes.  Best quote of the night came when Reese walked out the door to begin trick-or-treating and saw Dorothy. "Oh wow, you look beautiful!"  Priceless.  She was mezmorized by all of the costumes.  Snow White was another "favorite"...and the candy of course.

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