Happy Fourth of July 2011!

 We celebrated the annual Gaines' family reunion last weekend. Doesn't this little beauty just have a sparkle in her eye this year!   It was actually not scorching hot which was highly enjoyable for a change.  The highlight: I somehow weaseled my way out of playing in the horseshoe tournament, can you tell how broken up I am about it:)  It was a very enjoyable weekend had by all.  Here's the crew...

And this shot shows the true colors of the crew:)

After the reunion, we ventured to the lake house and made it just in time to take Reese out on the pontoon with my fam to see fireworks for the first time.  She did not cry, but I can't say fireworks were her favorite.  She watched them with one bunny covering each ear.  If you asked her if she was enjoying it she said, "No, it's too loud!"  Can't blame the girl, but she was a trooper:)  Perhaps the highlight though was the mooing of cows in between each firework....yes, that's right, cows...mooing.  It was hysterical!  Perhaps we're not totally broken into the country feel of Big Turkey Lake just yet.  Soon, soon.

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