Family Work Weekend

What a blast we had at work weekend this year.  Reese is that perfect age to really get into playing with the other kids.  I hung out with her and the kiddos in the childcare all weekend while we let daddy do more of the grunt work.  He's better at that than us, and kiddos are more my forte.  It's always nice to visit with old friends and just be surround by God's nature and peacefullness.  I really had a restful weekend this year and was grateful for it in the midst of the end of the school year hub-bub.

 One of Reese's favorite activities was crawling in and out, up and down, and between all of the bunk beds.  It's quite surprising that she hasn't figured out how to crawl out of that pack n' play after seeing the gymnastics she did in our room:)
And we even got a great family pic!

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