Spring Break 2011

I think we have the greatest connections in the world!  Our friends, Dawn and Troy, hooked us up this spring break.  They let us buy a week from their time share for VERY, VERY cheap...so cheap in fact it's going to make any vacation from here on out seem astronomical.  We decided to go to Orlando, Florida with the Bigelow Fam and it was wonderful.  We were a little leary of driving straight through with two, 2 year olds in the car, but they were troopers.  Reese even had a fever..yes I am that mom that took her child on vacation with a fever (don't worry she wasn't puking or anything).
 Audrey: "Can you believe it Reese, we're going to Florida!"  Reese: "I know it's so great, and our parents are in for it...wa-ha-ha-ha."

Really though, the car ride went great!  Besides for the fact that my daughter somehow picked up the trick (that person shall remain nameless) of wanting me to "tickle" her whenever she was awake, aka rub her leg.  My shoulder hurt for a week after that.

The first day was pretty low key, got suckered into going on a time share tour to try and get us to buy one.  Don't worry we didn't cave, but we did get free water passes for all of the attractions at our resort for the week..nice.  We did a TON of swimmming on this trip, and baby stalking as you can see below.  I could not even get Reese out of the water to eat lunch.  A girl after my own heart.  I think we're in for an excellent summer.

"If I could just get a little closer to this baby I might be able to hold her hand."
 We also enjoyed some daddy splashing.  Reese is getting to be quite brave in the water.  She wanted to jump in constantly, but only if it was above her head, and only if she could go under the water (while holding my hand).  Otherwise she was very upset.
 One night we went to Downtown Disney (part of the Disney for free program that my family has invested in over the years.)  We ate at the Rainforest Cafe and Reese was surprisingly not scared.  She was the cutest ever in the stores there.  Totally awstruck by all of the princesses.  I couldn't resist letting her out of the stroller to look at everything.  "Mommy, look" was the quote of the night.

 We went to Bahama Breeze one night for dinner as well.  Here are the besties...

 And here are the besties again in their matching princess jackets that we got at the outlets for one dollar!

 This was the girls way of having fun in the condo...
 and here was how we had our nightly fun....we were spoiled last year with two babysitters...yes, you better believe we're playing dominoes rented from sharky's club (the children's activity room)

My FAVORITE night was when we completed our "Disney for free" tour.  We went to a character dinner at Chef Mickey's located in the Contemporary Resort.  We also shopped around at the little shops there and of course took the monorail tour (Audrey's favorite). 

"We're going to see Mickey!  Our parents are the best."

Dinner was the cutest thing ever!  Reese just kept saying, "Minnie, eat.  Mickey, eat.  Donald, eat," over and over again each time a new character came around.  Minnie and Donald were her favorite and for some reason Pluto scared her and she cried...I think it was his obscenely long whiskers.  It made me so excited to bring her back someday and do the parks!

Just a little leary at first.... 

Even the mommies and daddies loved the characters...

 Aww struck by Donald, she kissed him on the nose.

 "This was the greatest dinner of my whole life and I got to share it with you!"

The end of our monorail tour at the Grand Floridian, watching old school Mickey mouse movies.  They were mezmorized.  It really felt like we were living the dream:)

Oh and I forgot to mention Reese got sick the last day we were there with an ear infection.  We took her to Redimed right away and got it taken care of before it became too big of a deal...at least she saved her illnesses for the beginning and end! 
What a fun trip, and relaxing.  Here are some of the other mentionable moments...
*Cici's pizza, tour bus...enough said...good pick Andrew;)
*When we got back home Reese wanted to know why Mickey Mouse wasn't at Cracker Barrel
*____ grenade by my husband to Ashley
*Pick a number between $100 and $400
*New princesses, aka "pinkerbells)
*Sneaking into the retirement community

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