Reese Update

This little girl just amazes me everyday.  She is still sporting the big girl underpants.  She wears pullups when we go out and about and at Kristin's house, and underpants when we're at home. 

She's gone many days without any accidents at all..number one and two, even goes number two at Kristin's house now (there are stickers involved for this one)!  I know...TMI!  She's beginning to tell us when she needs to go too.  Public restrooms are our only struggle at this point, apparently they are scary if you were unaware.  Reese is also very into reading books lately.  I catch her going to her room by herself, plopping down on her chair, and reading.  This generally involves Reese pointing to each object on every page and naming what it is (I like to say she's using her reading finger;))
She generally is speaking in 2-4 word phrases.  The other day after breakfast she stood up and hugged me out of the blue and said, "I love you too, mommy."   She also likes to make you happy.  She'll say, "happy?" if you want her to do something.  To which we respond, "Yes, that would make us so happy."  Then she generally does whatever it is you're asking of her.  Fine with me!  She recognizes the letter S and knows that the R is for her name, and M is for mommy.

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