Baby Brooklyn

Last week Reese and I had a chance to visit my friend Amy and her new baby, Brooklyn Reese:)  She is the sweetest little layed back baby I've ever met.  She just slept and slept the whole time we were there.  You could jostle her and be loud, didn't phase Brooklyn.  Maybe all second children are that easy:)  TyAllen is a very good big brother.  He was so sweet with her, getting her things she needed and being a great host to Reese.  Doesn't he look so proud?

Reese adored Brookyln and kept looking at me and saying, "Hold you?"  We did let her hold Brookyln and she was very gentle, petting her arm and whispering.  She also really wanted Brooklyn to take her paci, but she just didn't like it, so Reese gave it a try to make sure it was working properly.

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