works in progress

our life has been about a work in progress lately.  adam has been an amazing servant lately and helping (basically leading up if we're being honest) our church move to a new location.  we are really praying this becomes a huge ministry. we're now in a strip mall by concordia high school.  it's a high traffic area which is a major bonus.  adam helped to build walls, majorly clean, renovate, and paint the used to be dollar store now church.  the grand opening is tomorrow and i know he (and i) are super excited to see all of his hard work be put to use.
not to mention all the work he's been doing on our new house.  he was there until 1:30 the other night painting the last of the rooms so the carpet could be installed.  it's basically done now.  just a few finishing touches and we can start moving in.  i'm very ready to be settled...with church...with new house...a lot of hard work ready to be enjoyed:)
while adam's been busy with that, i've been hanging with reese and my mom.  we've been working on a few projects...all of which are not finished yet of course...someday soon they will be though:) we're a family of our word and things do get finished!
here is the decorative ball i'm hoping to hang above a table and chair set in the play area of our basement.  it will not be red  when i'm done...
ashley and i are working on a quiet book for the girls for christmas..we WILL finish them in time even though this is the only page we have done so far...
here are some clips i made for reese today that i did in fact finish..however i'd love to make a million more of these pom poms for decoration on our christmas tree.  my ultimate plan is to have a small tree in our basement someday.  this would be the homemade ornament tree where our kids' school ornaments would hang along with ornaments we make at home each year as a new tradition i'm hoping to start:)

here's a closeup of the pom pom barrette...i mean, who wouldn't want a tree full of these puppies!

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  1. all is super cute mer... I want PICTURES of the house! So curious!