Happy Halloween

Halloween made for a very fun weekend at the Gaines' household.  it also made me realize just how old reese is getting.  on friday we went trick or treating in auburn so reese could be with audrey.  reese was minnie mouse and audrey was daisy duck. they were a riot! they actually were aware of what to do.  audrey would say trick or treat and i could get reese to say thank you half the time.  probably the highlight for me was when reese refused a bite of candy...she just doesn't like it..fine with me! here are the girls all dolled up...
mommy was also minnie mouse...i couldn't resist matching:)
we even got daddy to join in on the fun. what a handsome mickey...

and of course there was some pumpkin carving...reese refused to get messy..she just kept saying no no...check it out...

we also went trick or treating at grandma and grandpa's on sunday.  an entire halloween weekend this year!

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  1. Oh so cute! Those girls are DoLLS! So glad u have such great friends to do stuff with! Reese and Audrey are going to have such great memories!