this weekend my mom, reese, and i went back to the pinckney home front!  we had a wedding shower for jenna in brighton at chris' parents place and then a shower for lisa in romulus on sunday.  a two-fer, and it worked out perfect.  we were a little early arriving in town so we drove by our old house and showed reese where mommy grew up.  it looks SO different there now, really run down, but so many fun memories driving back through brighton and pinckney.

jenna's shower was wonderful and her future in-law family is super nice.  beth really just goes out of her way to make you feel warm and welcome.  she seems delighted to be adding my sis to their fam!
after the shower we ventured around brighton and ate dinner at stillwater...YUMMY...miss that place for sure.  we also took reese to the playground downtown where we used to play.  there's just something really nostalgic about your daughter playing and enjoying the same things, in the same place, that you used to.

sunday was lisa's shower.  reese is a shower trooper these days.  this makes it her fourth one!

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