lisa's wedding

my cousin lisa got married this weekend!  we're going down the ranks in age order so far in our family.  i got married first, lisa is the second oldest, and jenna comes next.  we had a really good time.  the reception was a blast.  reese made fast friends with the cutest little boy, juan pablo.  they were dancing up a storm, chasing each other, and even hugging and kissing.  they were cracking me up...adam was nervous:)

p.s. i embelished this clearanced $7 dress from target with the lovely gold flowers

here's the happy couple.  they are too cute together.

and let's not forget the fire twirler that entertained us at the reception.  it's true, really!

my cousin john and i.

and here's a group shot:)


  1. cute group photo.....happy to hear you had such a fun time! and next time....i want a text ;)

  2. ummm, I'm in love with the dress re do... how'd ya do it friend?

  3. so easy! i got the pattern for the flowers at marthastewart.com..just search the site for peony fabric flowers. then i cut 8 of them from fabric, folded it in quarters and stiched up the one side...voila!:)