little moments make today wonderful

This week we enjoyed the little moments.  It seems everyday she does something to make us laugh or learns something new...
Like this for example...It is a very rare occasion for Reese to just lay somewhere or snuggle at all.  She's a ball of energy, but we happened to catch her chillin' with her daddy this week:)  I think she tries to be just like him and I love every second of it.
And this little cubby has become one of her favorites.  We moved many of her crazy amounts of toys into the cabinet in our entertainment center...big hit!  It doubles as a hiding nook.

But perhaps the most exciting feat of the week was when she discovered her belly! She was pushing her belly in and out in the bathtub and I kept telling her she was getting her belly. (One of her favorite games with Daddy is "tickling" his belly when he's laying on the floor).  Now all you have to do is ask her where her belly is and she will gladly point it out (or perhaps grab is a better word).

"I believe that if we cultivate a true attention, a deep ability to see what has been there all along, we will find worlds within us and between us, dreams and stories and memories spilling over.  The nuances and shades and secrets and intimations of love and friendship and marriage and parenting are action-packed and multicolored, if you know where to look.  Today is your big moment.  Moments, really.  The life you've been waiting for is all around you..." Shauna Niequist (from the book, Cold Tangerines, one of my very favorites these days)


  1. Ava and Ella try to pull up my shirt to show MY belly button.. they say, "mama's blelly Blutton" No one should have to see my belly button! So pray Reese doesn't try to lift everyone's shirt!

  2. well, too late. the reason she found her belly was because adam is constantly pulling up her shirt and letting reese "tickle" his belly. so now she does try to pull up mine as well to see my belly....lol