hilton head memories

The voyage to Hilton Head began last Friday at 7 p.m.  We went with the Bigelow family and the "besties" were so excited to hang out together all week...until they saw their sleeping quarters for the first night...  "Seriously, we are sleeping here for the next 14 hours...could you fit any more luggage in here?  I don't think so." 

We made it unscathed and ready for a day on the beach!
We found out very quickly who liked the beach and who was a little unsure.  Surprisingly, Reese did not love the texture at first.  Usually, she's my little ball of energy, but this time it took her a little bit to warm up to it.  After awhile she was off and running, burning off all that energy from being cooped up in the car.  Audrey on the other hand, wasted no time at all.  Running, eating sand, the whole nine...give that girl the beach and she is set.  Who can blame her!

Time to wash off the sand!

This is how the daddies got us out of the car..confused yet...:)?

One of the first days we were there it was a little chilly...perfect bike riding weather though.  "Really guys, are you sure this is a good idea..I'm in a trailer behind daddy's bike...this could be dangerous...

"Exactly what I meant...dangerous.
Except I was laughing the whole time..
instead of napping:)"
You can even ride bikes on the beach! 
After four hours of bike riding Reese finally fell asleep right when we were about to finish.  She just didn't want to miss out on any of the beautiful scenery I suppose:)  And she probably was a little tired after the short detour we had to take to get back from the beach.  Note to self...if you ride your bike down the beach, make sure you know how to get back!
One day we went to Savannah for the day.  This is us at Paula Dean's restaurant.  Thanks to my friend Ashley I found out who Paula Dean was before we left..haha..it was definitely some good southern cookin'!  Adam wanted to know if Paula would be joining us for the meal...she didn't, but Audrey wished "Daaaina" would have!

Reese was most excited about the leaves she found...

The girls plotted what to do while the mommies and daddies went out to dinner. Reese: "Just sit here and look innocent Audrey."Audrey: "I'll just flash them my flirty
smile.  That gets 'em every time."

Who goes on vacation and gets a babysitter two nights in a row?! 
One night we went out with the Modlin's to The Crazy Crab.  The next night we went to The Salty Dog Cafe. 
Fun on the beach ...

"I don't know about this daddy...It feels yucky."
"Well, maybe if Audrey's doing it."
"YAY!  I do like it after all!"

Some memorable asides...I had fun "fightin' fires" one night, Andrew enjoys an all you can eat buffet, Remy's comes highly recommended by all, eating sand means you have an iron deficiency, Bicycle Billy..enough said, drop and give me ten. 
Hilton Head 2010.

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