Merry Christmas

It's a wonderful life.  That's the theme for this Christmas.  I just feel so blessed to be spending time with family and friends and enjoying the Spirit of Christmas in my children.  Spending the first Christmas with this little guy was a true blessing...

Reese really got into Christmas this year. 

She wanted to help wrap presents.  She volunteered to wrap up her old toys because she didn't need them any more.  What a spirit of giving she has.  We did decide on a new tradition.  Each Christmas we will donate toys we don't play with anymore to make room for new ones and to brighten someone else's day.  Reese was also all about the countdown calendar this year.  She loved crossing off a number on her little chalkboard each morning and also seeing what the note behind the door of our advent calendar said each day.  Christmy also made his grand appearance this year!
Sometimes he was a little silly.  Every night before bed Reese said, "I wonder where Christmy is going to be in the morning."
Reese also did a wonderful job in the church Christmas program.  She sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  I was so proud that she sang out loudly!
Reese celebrated Christmas with her friends at Kristin's...
We celebrated Christmas with the Bigelow's a few days before as well.  The girls had fun playing with the puppet theater I made for Audrey and Caroline.

We did the usual Christmas Eve/morning with my family and Christmas day with Adam's family. 

Both kids got so many goodies.  We are truly blessed by our generous families. 

 Reese was so sweet and said various times.  "You guys got me so much toys.  Thank you so much."  She also said, "The real reason for the season is Jesus' birthday!"  (She did learn something from the Christmas program:)  I just remember feeling that magical feeling on Christmas morning and it was so exciting to see Reese experience that this year. 
Having our family of four all together for the first time was the best Christmas present this girl could ever ask for.

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