Hudson is seven months and a Reese Update too!

We are officially closer to one than we are to birth.  This is such a fun age.  Hudson is so very curious!  He is constantly looking all around and "talking" to things he sees.  Drinking the bottle has become quite the chore because he just wants to see what Reese is doing.  Never lose that sense of curiousity Hudson:)  Kristin has deemed you "Tigger" and we think that fits quite nicely.  You LOVE to bounce.  Other fun things to remember about this age:
*You make a funny scrunchy face when something is funny or to get attention
*You are sleeping throgh the night again!
*You lay your head on my shoulder when we rock
*You're still a spit-up myster
*You love tags
*You are close to crawling!  You army scoot and bear walk-ish.  You're just trying to coordinate the arms now.
*Oh yes, and your mohawk is finally growing in.

Reese, you are becoming so grown up!  You LOVE your brother so much.  You love helping us get toys for him, playing peek-a-boo, making him laugh, and making sure he has his bunny (which he has started to rub the ears just like you:)). 
Other things to remember about you at this age....
*You must line up your lip glosses and chapsticks each morning and evening after brushing your teeth to make the proper decision on which one to use.
*You have a fear of "bad guys".  Maybe it's from all of those boys you're hanging out with at Kristin's these days.  We've told you again and again that they're in jail, they can't get out.  Then you wanted to know where the jail was.  Daddy told you it's downtown, but you are very concerned about where downtown is.  They won't get you:)  We pray to Jesus to keep you safe and your angel night light protects you.
*You LOVE reading the Bible and learning about God and Jesus.
*You are very excited that you can "read" now.  You are wonderful at reading the pictures.
*You use words like "usually" and "all of a sudden"
*Barbies are a favorite
*You have to count to 20 while jumping and then jump and give us a hug before bedtime.
*You are all about coloring these days, we're still working on proper pencil grip:)
*You thoroughly enjoy four wheeler rides with daddy.
*And you started ballet!  My dream come true:)  You were a little nervous about going in all by yourself, but Mr. Grant and Miss Megan are very nice and you've been very brave the last two weeks.  Although I secretly can't believe they don't have a viewing window?!
*You also have quickly learned all of the lyrics to Jennie Wellsand's songs as of late.

You two are the cutest kids ever and we love you!

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