random bits of summer

reese started swim lessons with ashlee.  i am so proud of my brave girl!  she can jump in by herself, go down to the bottom and float back up by herself.  she can get rings from the bottom.  she can doggy paddle a few strokes independently.  she can even do a sitting dive.  although she does like to be in charge of the swim lesson herself;)

hudson takes notes

reese also made her first trip to the dentist a few weeks ago!  the nervous face in this picture does not explain this brave girl!  she did great and loved dr. jessica, who is actually adam's friend from camp.

we're loving barbies this summer. here reese is making a barbie cake out of playdoh like she saw on you tube.

we went to strawberries in the park with the bigelow clan.  it was really cute!  they had little activities for the kids and of course strawberry shortcake.  reese insisted on waiting in a VERY long line to get her face painted too:)

and of course we've been having fun at the lake house this summer...
 playing on the boat

playing with this girl:)
playing barbies
and let's not forget the highlight of the summer thus far.....stroh days ('nough said)

other fun has included a weekly visit to the library for the kids program.  i've been really impressed with the little crafts and story time they do there.  reese LOVES to go "shopping" for new books with the carts they have in the children's area.

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