From infant to baby: Hudson is 4 months!

It really does feel that way. Hudson isn't our tiny little newborn anymore! Well, maybe still tiny, at the 5% for height and weight (11 pounds 10 ounces), but mighty. He is getting so strong. He loves standing up, you basically have to force himm to sit down.

He can "exersauce" now!

He can roll both ways now and is becoming quite social. He likes to get our attention by squawking and then shooting us a big cheeky grin. He is really grabbing things now too, toys, or his sisters hair and face, which she actually enjoys.  Now let's not forget about the highlight of the month, Hudson's natural Mohawk. Apparently he is trying to be a punk rocker at an early age, because he has rubbed his hair completely off on one side. 

side view

front view

He is sleeping from about 9 until 6:30, taking four naps, and trying to like sleeping in his crib for longer naps, eating 6 times a day, and getting quicker at nursing!  However, I am trying to transition his schedule a bit now too, trying out five feedings soon, getting rid of one nap, etc.  Hudson, you are such a fun little man these days and we love you!

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